attending a conference in las vegas

Attending a Conference in Las Vegas

Tips for Attending a Conference in Las Vegas

In this printing guide you'll learn about attending a conference in Las Vegas and how to succeed by earning more business with printing products like business cards, posters, and more.

Let's jump into it!

Important sections in this guide to pay attention to:

  • How do I get the most out of attending a conference?
  • How do you prepare for a conference?
  • How much is a convention space in Las Vegas?
  • How do I promote my business in a conference?

How do I get the most out of attending a conference?

Attending a conference is an opportunity to engage with existing clients and get new leads for your printing business.

Because of the large number of people attending these conventions, it's possible to meet hundreds of potential prospects in just a few days.

But not all conferences are created equal. There are some key elements to consider when you're preparing for an event:

What kind of audience will be at the conference? Look at the list of exhibitors and sponsors and make sure that they fit into your ideal prospect profile .

If they don't, there might not be much point in going.

Are there specific seminars or workshops ?

Sign up for anything that interests you and seems like it could add value to your business (or increase sales). It's pretty common for seminars and workshops to be free, so there's no reason not to add them to the schedule.

Is this a good time of year for attending?

Depending on your business model and where you operate, what season it is could drastically affect how busy you are. If you're off-season in winter and there's a big conference in Las Vegas during that same time, it might be difficult getting reservations and flights.

What is the cost of attending?

If the registration fee seems out of reach or you can't make up the cost easily by selling products or services at the show, skip it. You don't want to go into debt spending money on something that won't return value (in terms of increased sales) quickly enough.

How do I prepare for a conference?

There are many ways to prepare before you go into an event or conference, most of which can be used no matter what size the convention is. Here are some tips:

Make sure your website is up-to-date . A stale website with old information doesn't reflect well on the type of business you run.

Make sure your social media profiles are filled out completely and regularly updated. You never know who might find you through one of these channels, so it's important that they're active at all times!

If you have any physical products to sell, now is the time to develop your sales pitch!

How much is a convention space in Las Vegas?

A convention space in Las Vegas is going to be more expensive than a smaller space, that's just the nature of the beast. Figure on spending at least $1 per square foot for a decent sized area if you're looking for something in between 100 and 300 square feet. If you have more room, this price will go down proportionally.

For example, if you need an 800 square foot booth, expect to pay no less than $800. This is all up to negotiation really though so don't take these numbers as hard facts!

How do I promote my business in a conference?

There are many ways to market your company when you attend a convention or trade show. Many people focus exclusively on print products but neglect digital strategies with their online presence , which is a huge mistake. Here are some ideas on how to promote your business:

Send a promotion immediately before the event starts

This gives customers something to look forward to when they get their schedule in advance, and it also serves as a gentle reminder before you're out of sight!

A postcard with information about your company is great for showing sales reps what you have to offer.

If you're given literature or other items in print, make sure that they contain the words "Live Marketing" somewhere. If not, don't bother handing them out because no one will know what it means!

Bring promotional banners , balloons , and signs .

Use social media channels like Facebook, Instagram , Pinterest , and LinkedIn to spread the word.

Use newsletters to announce that you're attending.

Give out business cards

Handing these out is an excellent way of networking, getting your name out there, and establishing yourself as a leader in your industry. This also works well if your business is featured at the show in some way.

The majority of people who attend conferences are serious about marketing products or services, so they'll be willing to hire you on the spot! If someone doesn't need anything immediately, make sure not to lose touch with them completely - follow up afterwards with potential leads before it's too late!

How do I promote my business while at a conference?

If there's one thing that's universal about trade shows, conventions , and other events like these, it's that everyone is extremely busy.

They're running around back and forth trying to accomplish as much as possible before the conference ends, not to mention they're already exhausted because of all the physical activity!

This means you'll need to aggressively market yourself without seeming too pushy or sales-oriented. Here are some tips on how to do this successfully:

Don't hog people's time

If anyone asks what you do or where your business is located , be honest about the fact that you're just beginning and haven't gotten started yet. This can be attractive for customers who prefer fresh faces rather than established companies that offer tired ideas at higher prices.

Remember names

One of the best ways to stand out from other vendors is to remember people's names. This way they'll feel valued, important , and it will help you to really connect with them so the relationship doesn't die off after the conference ends!

Don't ask customers what they're looking for while they're consulting with other vendors . If they approach you, go ahead and start your sales pitch but let them cut in if that's what they want.

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