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Best Tips for Direct Marketing Success

In this printing guide you'll learn and discover the best tips and strategies for direct marketing success. 

What are the keys to successful direct marketing?

Marketing is the key to success in business. Whether you are just getting started or have been in business for years, smart direct marketing allows you to reach your customers and clients effectively.

1st Tip: Implementation Plan Outline

Successful direct marketing begins with a plan. 

You need to know your audience, what you are selling and how to get in front of them. Your message should be brief, clear and focused on specific benefits . It should also include information about ordering or making payments for the product.

2nd Tip: Focus on the Customer

When you sit down and create your direct marketing messages and advertisements, you need to think about the customers or clients you are targeting.

What will they be interested in? What words do they use to describe the product or service they wish to buy? How can you make them feel like their order is important?

3rd Tip: Be Clear and Informative

When it comes to mailing lists, you want a list of customers who have specifically requested the product you are offering. This means there is a high likelihood they will be receptive to your message.

Don't just include your contact information in the ad or mailing, be sure to give potential clients lots of information about what you are selling. Don't forget to include the price!

4th Tip: You are Invisible?

You have carefully created your direct mail piece, so it is important that you get it into the hands of the right person. 

Establish a strong connection with your client by making sure they know how to contact you if they have questions or concerns. That way, you can perfect your direct marketing messages before sending them out.

5th Tip: Respect the Time Frame

Every businessperson has limited time to devote to getting customers through their doors. Make sure that if you are sending flyers, they get there during the right time of year and in the hands of customers who will be receptive to them.

6th Tip: Direct Mail or Not?

Do you want to send direct mail marketing pieces, or would you rather communicate online? This is not an easy decision to make, but one that will ultimately depend on the product you are selling and the target market .

7th Tip: Measure your Results!

Direct marketing is a valuable tool, but the only way to know if it's working for your business is to measure its effectiveness. If you continue sending mailers and have no return customers, your direct mail campaign isn't helping you or your company.

8th Tip: Double Envelope Direct Mail Marketing

If you are using a regular envelope, you always open the one with the letter on top first. The second envelope should have a list of the benefits of doing business with your company or a picture of what they can get from you.

9th Tip: The Personal Touch

Do not send out direct mail pieces without a personal touch! This means if you are sending out brochures, make sure you have included a handwritten note or signed the message.

This will help set you apart from the competition and give your message some meaning .

10th Tip: Image Matters!  

Last but not least, when talking about direct marketing it's important to consider the image of your company as a whole. Make sure that you are on good terms with your clients and that their information is safe in your hands.

Don't forget to include a little humor, kindness or something else unique about your company to make an impression .

Best direct marketing products to use

These are the best direct marketing products to use that have proven track records of success:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Stickers
  • Business Cards
  • Custom Prints


You can never go wrong with posters.

People love seeing them and hanging them up around their homes and offices. As a result, there is no better direct marketing product than a poster to use when you're looking for a strong return on investment.

The nice thing about posters is that they are so widely recognized, so printing them in the right size with the right information will really do well to get people's attention when they walk past it.


Posters aren't for everyone, but when they aren't an option your next best bet is a flyer. Flyers are a great way to get information about an upcoming sale or event, and they can also be used in place of posters in some cases because the cost will tend to be lower when printing them in smaller numbers.


Posters and flyers have the benefit of being free standing pieces that you put up on a wall somewhere, but then there are stickers which work well when attached directly to products that people buy all the time without any other purchase necessary.

For example, if someone buys food at your grocery store or eats out at your restaurant many times per week it only makes sense to give them coupons every time they do so that they'll come back more often and spend even more money while there!

This is a great strategy for local businesses.

Business Cards

When people meet you and want to refer you to others it's a good idea to have some business cards on hand so that they can write down your information and pass it along.

The nice thing about business cards is how easy it is to print them in bulk, and the low cost makes them affordable for anyone who might give you a referral.

It only takes one or two referrals before the cards would have paid for themselves from then on out, which makes this a very effective direct marketing product indeed!

Custom Prints

If all else fails you can always create custom prints of various sizes that display your services or products.

These are especially useful if you sell something unique but need something bigger than a business card to show people.

It's always better to have too much information about your product or service than not enough, so be sure you're covering all of the bases with any direct marketing products you use!

There are many ways to market your business, but direct marketing is one of the most effective because it gets right in people's faces and lets them know what they need to know without having to search for it themselves.

The more information you provide directly will lead to more conversions, which means a higher return on investment over time.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that direct marketing isn't as valuable as using social media or email campaigns - those can work as well but they won't bring results as reliably as good old fashion postering, flyers, stickers, business cards and custom prints!


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