What is Same Day Saddle Stitch Printing?

saddle_stitch_printing-363wIf you selected to view this product at RushMyPrints, you must already know that the most common and cost efficient forms of communication in a professional form is with a saddle-stitched booklet.

Effectively relaying your message in a high-stake situation or pitch, you’ll be glad you came to us for a unique design and professional finish.

Saddle Stitching is precisely a method in which ‘saddle staples’ are used in order to bind together sheets of paper.

A saddle staple specifically, is a small piece of C-shaped wire.

This wire, which is pierced into the spine of a book and whose protruding endings are flattened, are used to hold the sheets together.

A single stitched booklet consists of 4 pages, a double stitched booklet adds up to 8 pages, and every other page counts have to be divisible by 4.

It is used primarily in the printing of newspapers and notebooks but is now also used in magazines, catalogues, hand-out materials, and event promotions.

Saddle stitched products can lay flat or stand vertically while open so make sure you add this group of expertly printed products to your presentation & business arsenal.

Saddle Stitch Printing and Your Business Amplifies

The purpose of Saddle Stitch printing services in San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles or the surrounding cities of the west coast is that it allows for a compliment of various marketing applications.
This is including brochure prints, product guides, service manuals, magazines and even entire books. 
RushMyPrints has a range of card and paper stocks that include matte and glossy finishes to give your booklet printing project a genuine finish that’s unique to you and to have the Saddle Stitch Prints shine.
As most industry leaders are aware, booklets and brochures need to be attention grabbing and attractive.
Rest easy, that’s exactly how RushMyPrints delivers it’s rush and bulk orders of Saddle Stitch Printing Services.
Awarded Best Printing Services in San Francisco!

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Same Day Saddle Stitch Printing
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