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Printing materials for corporate companies

Own a corporation? Learn about the best printing materials for corporate companies to grow business.

To get started, lets cover the most impactful printing products used today:

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Postcard
  • Direct Mailers
  • Stickers
  • Labels
  • Letterhead or Envelopes

What makes Great Business Cards?

Business cards are fantastic for corporate companies because they are a marketing tool that can be brought to many events and passed out to prospects. The size, quality, and color play a big role in whether or not your business card will be kept.

1. Size:

Standard 2x3 inch cards are the most common for corporate companies because they can fit well into your wallet or purse. They can easily be kept in a drawer at your desk.

2. Quality:

A minimum of 10 pt (pounds) should be used for great looking and easy to hold business cards. Not only do you want the card to look good, but it is important that they can be held by people without bending easily. High quality printing paper will also help with printing and makes a huge difference.

3. Color:

Choose the appropriate color palette that works best for your business and brand personality. Think about the colors you have been using on any advertisements or marketing materials, these are usually great colors to pick from.

If you have been using orange all over your website, it is probably not a good idea to use orange for your business card since it might confuse potential clients if they see an orange card from someone else in their wallet.

How are brochures used to grow a big company?

A fleet of brochures created will help any size company grow because people will see your products and services on them again and again. Brochures are great for corporate companies to use in their lobbies or waiting rooms, take them with you to events, pass them out at the store or post office.

corporate companies

1. Size:

Businesses can utilize two kinds of brochures, a tri-fold design which is popular because it fits well into folders or pockets in notebooks or stacked together neatly on a counter top. A gate fold is also very common that opens up wider than standard letter size paper. Having multiple sizes allows companies to have marketing materials that are easy for customers to hold onto throughout the day .

2. Quality:

Brochures should be printed on glossy paper if they will be inside of a folder or pocket, if they will be outside in the hands of clients, choose matte paper.

3. Content:

The content is what makes a brochure stand out from the rest and should be designed in a way to help grow your company through educating people about your potential products or services. Make sure you have keywords written on each page that would connect with search engines when people look online for additional information.

What about using Postcards?

Postcards can be used as a marketing tool for any size business but work particularly well for large corporations because they can fit into mailboxes where standard envelopes do not go easily. Big companies have thousands of employees who could potentially hand out postcards to prospects throughout the day . Postcards are a great way to update people about changes in your company or upcoming events.

1. Size:

Size is important for any promotional materials, make sure that postcards can be held easily and do not rip when they are pulled from the mailbox by employees who will be giving them out. Standard size 4x6 inches work well because they can fit into envelopes without folding in half .

2. Quality & Content:

Similar to business cards, investors prefer 10 pt paper for postcards because they hold up better without bending in the hands of prospects throughout the day . A lot of companies use different printing processes such as spot UV coating to add a glossy shine or matte coating so it feels more like paper instead of slick plastic

Postcards should fit into the overall marketing plan and contain messaging that is consistent with other advertisements such as website, social media profiles and email campaigns.

Try to keep your postcard the same size, shape and color as any other materials you have created so they can easily be recognized as part of a larger campaign .

Think about ordering postcards with die-cuts or perforating lines so clients can easily quickly detach them from a book.

When should I use posters?

Corporate companies who want to grow business fast could benefit from printing posters because large amounts of them encourages employees to give them out at events, post office and schools.

There are several different types of posters that can be used to help any size business such as:

Billboard-style (28x40) which print well on a single sheet of paper or roll up to easily carry around without breaking

Campaign theme-style - these have pre-designed themes that correspond with each other or have one main image that ties into the overall message

Informational style - similar to campaign styles but focus more on individual sheets of content.

Posters can be used to speak out your products and services in a visual way that will be remembered by prospects.

They should contain keywords that people would search for online to find additional information about corporate companies such as phone number, social media profiles and website .

Posters work incredibly well for larger corporations because they can print multiple sheets of paper on one machine at the same time, quickly creating the amount needed without stopping overnight to finish them.

Using Direct Mailers to grow your company

Direct mailers are an excellent way to catalyze growth in any business. This is because an expertly designed direct mailer can look just like a real bill and get delivered right to the mailbox of every single person you do business with .

Even if people don't open it, it still makes your company known since your name will appear on their statement. Some people will see your logo multiple times throughout the month and be compelled to learn more about what you do either online or in person .

Direct mailers come in several different forms such as:

Full color postcard which easily fit into any standard sized mailbox without folding typically contain catchy messaging that encourage prospects to take action

Each component should include logos, colors and fonts that match exactly with other marketing materials such as website and social media profiles so they can recognize it immediately when they see it.

Make sure the postcard is easy to read without feeling too busy, corporate companies can use big fonts and large images to grab the attention of prospects but should not focus so much on design elements that it looks unprofessional or cluttered

Order cards with gloss or matte finish because these two finishes are the most common. Clients will be able to easily grip each card without dropping them while giving them out across campus during an event .

Encourage employees to give high quantities of direct mailers away at schools, festivals, shows, conferences and networking events because they are very effective for any growing business need. Make sure your staff knows how important it is to take them anywhere where they may gain new clients.

How Stickers and Labels Help Businesses Scale

Stickers and labels are crucial to growing a business. Here's why:

It makes it easier to share products because anyone can slap a sticker on a product and give it away across campus

Stickers and labels are cheap to buy in bulk so they can be used in several different types of marketing campaigns

Each component should include logos, colors and fonts that match exactly with other marketing materials such as website and social media profiles so they can recognize it immediately when they see it .

Encourage employees to attach stickers to any type of promotional products for clients at networking events or conferences so each client will remember your company's name. Stickers would also work well attached to any product that needs labeling before being handed out during an event.

Labels are beneficial if you're selling the same item over and over again. It is important to make sure the label fits securely onto the top of any product such as water bottles, pens and pencils, USB drives and power banks.

Demand for these materials should start low because not everyone needs them but continue slowly increasing as you grow your company .

Stickers and labels are key ingredients to helping clients find your company again when they need more products. So growing a business will be much easier if they can see your logo during several different types of events like:

Networking parties:

There are so many events every single day where corporate companies could set up a booth or table to hand out promotional items with their contact information on it. These forms of advertising work because prospects don't typically attend networking parties to buy anything, they attend to meet new people and discover great opportunities.

Give away promotional items such as:

Your company's stationery should include logos, colors and fonts that match exactly with other marketing materials such as website and social media profiles so they can recognize it immediately when they see it .

Letterheads and Envelopes as Printing Products? Yep!

Letterheads are a phenomenal way to grow your business by expanding your marketing campaign with direct mail campaigns.

Pertaining to corporate company print, letterheads are envelopes that feature codes like "re:" or "cc:" which indicate the beginning of a sentence and who it's meant for .

They're typically made up of three parts:

The biggest benefit of using letterhead is that people open letters more than they open email so you'll probably get asked what the meeting is about if prospects receive one in their mailbox. And now they know exactly where to find you when they decide to visit your office.

Envelopes as Printing Products

Envelopes are an excellent way for clients to keep touch with your company even when they're on-the-go.

What makes a good envelope for a business?

It should feature relevant logos, colors and fonts that match exactly with other marketing materials such as website and social media profiles so they can recognize it immediately when they see it .

Stickers are inexpensive to buy in bulk so you can use them throughout several different types of marketing campaigns.

You shouldn't even need to design one if the envelopes already have an address on them because you could just attach a sticker with your logo onto it to make sure clients will remember where to find you when they need more products.

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