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Wedding Printing Guide & Essentials

Guide to Wedding Printing Essentials

Planning a Wedding? Learn about the best printing materials for successful wedding in our comprehensive guide.

What printing products are needed in a wedding?

The printing needs of wedding are primarily based on the type of printer you have. With our guide to wedding printing essentials, you will be able to select appropriate materials for your purposes. Listed below are common products used in weddings:

– Places Cards/Favor Tags

– Menu Cards

– Cake Topper Tiles/Cake Topper Signage

– Thank You Cards

-Table Number Posters / Table Plan Posters

-Guest Book Quotes & Advice Pages / Guest Signage / Guest Book Banner

What paper stock should I consider?  

Wedding invitations are generally printed on paper stock that has a finish between matte and gloss. The weight of paper stock varies depending on the type of printer you have.

Paper options include:

wedding printing

Premium Matte Paper  / German Etching

Benefits of Premium Matte Paper:

-Looks and feels like a real photograph

-Creates bold and dramatic visuals

-Durable and water resistant

Drawbacks of Premium Matte Paper:

-Textured finish reduces readability – writing can feel rough to the touch 

Wood Veneer  / Pearlescent Foil-Coated Paper

Benefits of Wood Veneer Paper:

-Looks similar to actual wood veneer

-Creates an elegant, polished appearance

Drawbacks of Wood Veneer Paper:

-Quality can vary depending on supplier and country of origin. More expensive than other paper options.  

Pearlized Paper / Ultra Metallic Sheets

Benefits of Pearlized Paper / Ultra Metallic Sheets:

-Create a shimmering effect to your prints

-Also available in sheets

Drawbacks of Pearlized Paper / Ultra Metallic Sheets:

-Premium foil stock can be expensive compared to other options.  

Silk Lamination

Benefits of Silk Lamination:

-Protective coating

Drawbacks of Silk Lamination:

-Can add significant cost

-Film is not transparent, so it can alter your image colors when applied

What finishing products are required?  

When planning a wedding, it is important to consider all of the different printing and finishing materials that will be used such as: envelope addressing, envelope inserts, postage stamps, envelopes and self-mailers.

What paper goods do you need for wedding?

At minimum you need the following:

-R.S.V.P Cards

-Place/Favor Tags

-Place Cards & Seating Arrangements

Optional but recommended include:

-Menu Cards

-Thank You Notes

What size should I print wedding photos?

Wedding photos can be printed in a variety of sizes. The most common wedding photo size is 5x7 inches, with 4x6 being the second most used option.

If you have a large family and need more photos per guest, then 8.5 x 11 wedding photo cards will work beautifully!

How should I address my wedding invitations?

There are many options when it comes to addressing your wedding invitations:

  • hand addressing;
  • purchasing pre-addressed envelopes;
  • or sending out blank invites and sealing them with stickers (preferably personalized).

What makes a good place card for a wedding event?

Place cards can be great accents to centerpieces at your wedding.

The best place cards for a wedding are designed with the theme and colors of your event, as well as details that match the text on your invitation suite.

If necessary, they should also include information about the table number, guest name and seat choice (i.e., "table #7 seat 4").

What is common paper weight for printing menus?

Menu Cards are generally printed on paper stock that has a finish between matte (low gloss) and gloss (high gloss), typically anywhere from 80 lb to 100 lb thickness in an eggshell finish.  

Printing Wedding Menu Cards

Printing a Menu card requires many different components to be successful.

In order of importance, the required components are:

1. The right printer for the job

2. The right paper stock that fits your budget and style

3. A smartly designed file from your wedding professional

4. Well-spoken guests who follow instructions

What makes an awesome Thank You Card for a wedding?

The best thank you cards for a wedding are printed on quality card stock that has at least an eggshell finish.

More often than not, these cards are printed 2-sided (with the exception of designs that incorporate unique embellishments or creative folds).

You can also go with something more premium like Silk Lamination which adds an elegant, polished touch to your Thank You Cards.

What types of paper should be used for printing wedding photos?

There are many options when it comes to printing wedding photos.

Individual prints or collages can be printed directly onto traditional photo paper.

Wedding photos can also be printed as larger poster-style prints which is perfect for hanging in a gallery wall display area around your special day!

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